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I am an English Bulldog and Neapolitan Mastiff breeder, my heart was stollen by these two breeds. I became an active breeder of these breeds in 2018. My breeding kennel Bright Diamond was established in 2007. Me and my family are breeding dogs in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, not far from Brno. I am not only a member of a Bulldog Club Czech Republic but also of the oldest English club The Bulldog Club Incorporated. When selecting dogs for our breeding program we put an emphasis on health and good disposition. When looking for stud dogs I am trying to look for health certified individuals from the best world blood lines. All our breeding dogs are health tested beyond the mandatory requirements on the highest levels. In terms of disposition, the dog has to be friendly, I do not tolerate deviations. However I need to admit that I am breeding living creatures, not machines, so even though I am trying my best to connect the best and healthiest individuals I can not guarantee the offsprings. I however believe that the effort to breed the best should be perceived well among the breeders. Both of the breeds have a lot of critics but all depends on responsible behavior towards breeding and selection of healthy breeding individuals who will influence future generations. Their unique personality and history is worth the effort. Me and my family are trying our best. I get surprised every day by our animals by their fitness level and vitality, they make me and my family happy. Our puppies grow together with other members of the pack and we put a great emphasis on their socialization which is important for their future disposition. So, if you are longing for a dog with unique personality, for a dog that will be an amazing companion, for a dog that will surprise you with something every day - do not hesitate! bez-nazvu---1.png



Autorka Marie Brogowski